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4.1 — Who helped out?

First thanks goes to specific individuals:

Now, a general thank-you goes out to all the contributors to the CC Forum and the rest of the CCSCC, as well as all the others who have contributed to Stuart's site and my (and others') CC projects.

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4.2 — Revision History

16 February 2004: Added tech specs for the CC and CC II to section 3 of the index.

15 February 2004: Added section 3, tech documentation, to the index, and moved history to section 4. Finally linked CC analogue board parts list so search engines will find it. Also added info about the necessity of VRAM on a 575 board. Added info on 9.2.x to the Takky "Best OS" question. Cleaned up a bunch of little gremlins in the HTML code. Rearranged a bit of the Takky RAM info and listed all the possible Takky motherboard sources. Other minor revisions all over the place.

14 February 2004: Minor clarifications on the ResEdit hacks.

10 February 2004: Added Brad Sturges's iMaCC upgrade documentation and did some editing in the "Other Upgrades" section to reflect progress there.

16 May 2003: A few little corrections on dead links and some major re-editing of the 64 MB SIMM page.

02 March 2003: Small typo fix — thanks Al :).

04 February 2003: More info on paint and dye processes for re-colouring CCs, thanks to Connor Williams.

30 January 2003: A couple RAM info updates and a colour-corrected image on the VGA mod page (thanks, Matt Ruben).

28 January 2003: Clarifications of the ResEdit mod, info about IR receivers, and a bit about doing the soldering mod instead of the ResEdit hack.

24 January 2003: Added LED replacement resistor calculator and revised LED replacement instructions to reflect the newly-measured specs and possible suppliers.

11 January 2003: Added a couple more items to the "other ideas" question and did some more cleaning up.

10 January 2003: Lots of little edits, addition of graphical upgrade roadmap by Thorsten Megow and how to start a CC without a keyboard or mobo.

20 November 2002: Broken links fixed, some general cleanup.

02 September 2002: Updated some video mod info and added a couple links to explanations. Did some serious revision/editing on Eric's High-Res mod instructions to clarify a few common misunderstandings and shrink up the pages a bit.

28 April 2002: Administrative note: the forum has been moved to Applefritter, likely permanently. The old forum at voy.com is now closed.

26 April 2002: Added external monitor and Comm Slot information to both Mystic and Takky sections.

25 April 2002: Added several questions to various sections to account for information in the soon-to-be-defunct Forum archives, and in preparation for the Forum's move to Applefritter.

19 April 2002: Added Color TPG download and link in General section.

16 April 2002: Made a few HTML tweaks, added service manual and tech note downloads, and updated some Takky information.

27 March 2002: Added information about replacing the floppy drive with an internal Zip drive to the General Upgrades section.

22 February 2002: Added 128 MB SIMM information to Mystic and Takky sections.

11 February 2002: Rearranged a few questions in the first two sections, fixed up Eric Neumann's High-Res modification so the pictures work right, and added a question on monitor distortion to the Basics section.

29 January 2002: Added fan information to the Basics section and made a few minor HTML tweaks.

17 January 2002: Added ATX power supply adaptation information to the Takky section.

12 January 2002: Added degaussing information to the Basics section and fully updated all HTML code to 4.01 specification.

21 December 2001: Added lots of little tidbits to nearly every question in the FAQ. Update uploaded on 30 December 2001.

12 November 2001: Added info on "missing colour" problem to Basics section and did some HTML maintenance.

25 October 2001: Added info on where to get System Enabler 065 v1.1 (Mystic section) and corrected another small SSI problem. Also added some information on fixing the whining flyback transformer problem to the General section.

17 October 2001: Fixed SSI coding error that prevented 11 October update from being shown and added Alexey's comments on LCD upgrades.

11 October 2001: Added information about the Macintosh Processor Upgrade/Daystar PowerCard 601 to the Mystic section.

06 October 2001: Fixed a slight error in RAM configs for Takkys and added a link to Stuart and Alexey's IDE page.

04 October 2001: Finished Takky section, cleaned up categories and re-organised things slightly to a final structure. All that remains is to add relevant bits as they come in now.

03 October 2001: Filled in Takky section some more.

02 October 2001: Filled in some more content, most notably in the first two sections (Basic and Mystic).

05 September 2001: Lots more questions added, structure clarified and refined more.

04 September 2001: General structure outlined, counter added, a few questions added.

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